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Your Health is in Your HANDS!

Your health is in your hands: Tips and tricks for a healthier you!

Every choice you make today will either lead to an unhealthy and sad person or a healthier, happier you!

Make wellness your number one priority by following these steps.

Every choice you make today will either lead to an unhealthy and sad person or a healthier, happier you!

Back to basics

1. Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. We all know that we should wash our hands. But did you know that there are good, better, and best ways to wash your hands? Lather and scrub the back of your hands, up to your wrists, between fingers, and even under your nails. Trust us—you won’t be sad you spent an extra few seconds getting squeaky clean. Pro Tip: Sing Happy Birthday twice and you're all good!

2. Cough or sneeze into your elbows.

Prevent fluids from spreading by avoiding contact with your hands completely. In fact—be sure to avoid contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible.

3. Spray down surfaces and frequently touched objects. Make sure your well-worn and gathering-space surfaces are super clean by giving them a quick touch of Thieves Spray! Our Thieves Household Cleaner is powerful, ultra-concentrated and plant-based formula that helps cleanse your surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

Take it easy

1. Diffuse Thieves and R.C. Warm up your home with the cozy and inviting scent of Thieves essential oil blend, while also bringing in some cleansing power! If you want a touch of refreshing coolness, add a few drops of R.C.™ essential oil blend to your diffuser. You could even double up and diffuse them together!

2. Keep hydrated. Hydration isn’t just important during exercise. According to the CDC, healthy hydration levels can help increase your body’s capacity to fight off sickness and keep your temperature normal.

3. Stay home if you don’t feel well. Feeling under the weather? Take on the day at home, sleep until your body feels rested, read a book or your Bible, and diffuse a perfect blend of essential oils.

Everyday wellness

1. Keep moving! There are 1,440 minutes in every day. You only need 30 of those minutes to get up and move to have a positive impact on your body and overall health! Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to your body’s health: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park toward the back of the parking lot, or try out a new hobby that gets you up and moving. Your muscles, mind, and motivation will thank you!

Since day one of our country's lockdown, I have disciplined myself to do a workout for at least 20 min a day. This 2nd week, I up my game and made my workout for 30 minutes. And I almost died from exhaustion but was so happy with all the sweat I sweated out!

2. Eat your fruits and veggies. We know you’ve heard this before, but fruits and veggies are a staple to any healthy food routine! Adding color to your plate is an easy way to make sure you’re getting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

I'm so thankful we have a garden we can get our greens from and I'm so thankful that I live in a tropical country where fruits are so abundant!

3. Regulate your sleep cycle. Believe it or not, sleep is just as important as regular exercise or eating a balanced diet when it comes to your overall health. Not only does it improve productivity and concentration, but it can also help strengthen your immune system! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults should be getting 7+ hours of sleep a night. Pro Tip: Diffuse Lavender essential oil or roll Peace And Calming Roll-On or Tranquil Roll-on and you'll surely knock out!

As you follow these simple steps, you’ll have everything you need to take your wellness into your (healthy) hands!

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