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7 Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Traveling is now a part of me.

Flying is part of traveling.

Driving for long hours is part of traveling.

And, unfortunately, motion sickness is part of traveling.

Some, if not all, has encountered motion sickness once in their life. And this can be the bane of most of our travels. If not prevented, it can ruin our hard-earned vacation.

But, through all of my trips, I’ve accumulated some tips and tricks on how to overcome motion sickness. Cause, I have a secret: Most of the time, I get motion sickness the moment I step on an airplane. I’m almost beginning to think it’s a psychological problem. 😀

But anyway, let’s define motion sickness first:

Motion sickness is caused when the inner ear, the visual field, and other perception systems are in conflict. The eyes see one thing, but the inner ear senses a different balance. Common symptoms include nausea, stomach upset, or heartburn. More severe symptoms may occur, including flushing, vomiting or retching.” -Ms. Lindsey Elmore

Basically, it’s when you’re doing something else when your car or airplane is doing some twists and turns.

If you can, yep, right in front!

1. Locate the place where motion sickness is less felt

Sit in front of cars or buses

Sit om the wing side of planes

Try to always face forward toward the direction where you are going

2. Look on the horizon and focus where you are going

Just don’t sleep while driving!

One solution is to focus on one continuous visual field.

In short, look in front to where you are going and focus on the horizon, if possible.

If you’re on a plane, open the window and look on the horizon. Better yet, just sleep.

3. Make wise decisions before and during your travel.

Do try to avoid drinking alcohol, eating rich fatty foods before your travel. Drink water to avoid dehydration and never start your travel on an empty stomach!

Do you have that itch to read a book or scroll through your phone or maybe work on your laptop during that long drive or during a flight?

Don’t. Even if you’re bored to death. Don’t.

If you’re bored, look in front of the car. Or make conversation with your seatmate. Or better yet, try to sleep so that you’ll have the energy for your vacation.

4. Stay postitive

This is for me.

If you’re already expecting to be sick, before your travel even started, then you will have a higher chance to get sick. Don’t think and expect that you’ll be sick because then, you will be!

Be positive and don’t be a negative or cynical person to everything and everybody you see or meet.

Be sure to keep your thoughts positive, listen to upbeat music, and avoid talking about motion sickness.

5. Try essential oils

This is the most effective ever solution for me. I think I am beginning to depend on it too much.

Tangerine essential oil is the best essential oil for motion sickness. Remember that time when you’re on your way to Baguio and your parents will open an orange and will give you the peels for you to smell it? Well, that’s the citrus oils you’re smelling.

It’s the same science here. Except Tangerine is a super concentrated form of citrus oils fitted in a small bottle. That means, a whole load effective than that orange peels!

If you’re not the citrus-y kind of person, you can try Peppermint essential oil or Ginger essential oil, both famously known to counter motion sickness.

6. Drink teas

If you’re still not into essential oils, which is a shame, try drinking teas.

Look for Ginger tea, which has the best evidence in reducing motion sickness.

Also, try Peppermint tea. Though, some studies says that in some people, it might has no effect. No hurt in trying.

Just make sure you’re drinking organic teas!

7. Do emergency acupressure on your forearm

This I learned from Ms Lindsey Elmore, a pharmacist, “Stimulation of acupuncture point P6 in the center of the inside forearm has been shown to increase tolerance to motion in small trials. To do the acupressure on yourself, you simply:

  1. Position your hand so your fingers are pointing up and your palm is facing you.

  2. To find pressure point P-6, place your thumb on the inside of your wrist just below your index finger. You should be able to feel two large tendons (tissue that connects muscles to bones) under your thumb. ​This is pressure point P-6.

  3. Use your thumb or forefinger to massage on this point in a circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes. Be firm, but don’t press so hard that it hurts.

  4. Repeat the process on your other wrist.”

Do you have your own tricks on how to avoid dizziness or motion sickness? Tell me on the comments below!

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