How I Became A

Health Blogger

This blog is owned by a Christian lady who is currently on the journey of living a toxic-free life, eating organic food, and using natural products.

I have recently become a health-conscious person, thanks to my mom, and now, I’m totally paranoid of the harmful chemicals that are secretly hidden in the products being sold today in our supermarkets.

In my blog, you will find the recipes with ingredients you could just find in your kitchen cupboard, the cleansing programs I have used, the diets that work and doesn’t work for me, the right exercise for those muscles to tone, and the tips and mistakes of maintaining a healthy body. And recently, the essential oils that make me shine brighter!!


This blog is for everyone out there who is making little baby steps towards a better and healthier life. I know, it’s hard. But if we join hand-in-hand with each other, it will make the hardships less hard and the temptations (to sneak a few chips, maybe?) less tempting,



In this blog, you would also find my passion for essential oils. And the company that provides me with the purest and unadulterated essential oils out there. They provide me with access to the best essential oils and a business that supports my passion for creating awareness of living a healthy lifestyle and at the same time earn income. If you have any questions on how to join me in this beautiful business, contact me!

I hope that in every blog I write, it would help you make better and healthier choices for you and your family’s everyday life.

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